From the first moment, we advise you in a global and personalized way.

• Real Estate market situation.
• Valuation and evaluation of any kind of properties.
• Legal advice.
• Tax advice.
• Financial and mortgage advice.


Exclusive real estate offers

Our extensive property portfolio let us ensure, in a large percentage to cases, a fast selection of the best real estate offers adapted to your needs.

You can find any kind of real estate offers:

• Properties under construction
• First use and refurbished properties for sale
• Long-term properties for rent
• Apartments, houses, chalets and villas for holiday rent.
• Country tourism, (country houses for rent)
• Luxury properties for sale or rent
• Real Estate investments in our zone


Property search

We help you to find the property that you are looking for. (In case you could not find any property of your interest in our portfolio).


Managements and procedures

We offer an extensive range of services with the only purpose of make the sale or rent of any property in the easiest way:

• Valuation and evaluation of any kind of properties
• Contract Writing, Title Deeds and any kind of procedures.
• Notarial and register services.
• Mortgage management according to the best market conditions.

Before any type of deal, we make sure everything is in accordance with the current laws and rules at that moment, offering always the greatest transparency and the highest professional level in our property management.

If you desire sale or rent a property

We can also offer you the highest precision and professionalism in all our Real Estate Services in order to find quickly your buyer or tenant:

• Real Estate market situation depends on the selected zone.
• Valuation and evaluation of any kind of properties.
• Photographic report in order to document the offer.
• We administer your property offer in our property portfolio.
• We offer your property by Internet (including its images).
• Contract Writing, Title Deeds and any kind of procedures
• Notarial and register services.

We advice you to get the effective sale of your property or properties, or about the management of your rent or rents.

Periodically, we will inform you about every action done and about the received offers.

We also help you with the bureaucratic procedures until the final transaction.

We are professionals, let us help you !


Contact us

In any case, do not hesitate to seek advice, we are delighted to know you and inform you.

You can contact us through our contact form, or if you prefer, through our telephones or email that you can find them in the same option Contact of our upper menu.